Late Autumn on the Carolina Coast

Autumn can look so different when you’re away from home.

There are some telltale similarities in the proliferation of berries, the turning of the asters, and the migration of animals, but the forests, marshes, and beaches of the Carolina coast certainly have their own unique way of turning toward winter.  Continue reading

With Nature at Honey Horn

Yesterday, I finished Thich Nhat Hanh’s Peace is Every Step, an excellent written meditation to help foster mindfulness and awareness.

Often, Thich Nhat Hanh suggests that we would benefit to become more aware of nature.  This is both to increase our level of mindfulness, and to reduce the suffering in others’ lives.  When we are disrespectful to the Earth, we are being disrespectful to all other living beings and to ourselves since we are all connected.  When we become more aware, more conscious, we are naturally inclined to be more respectful of the Earth. Continue reading

To Love This Land

Throughout my life, I’ve heard people complain countless times about the region of the world that I live in — it’s too cold, the economy is not good enough, there’s not enough city life, it snows too much, it’s too humid in the summer, it’s too on and on and on… Continue reading

A Hike to Blue Hen Falls Set to Emerson

We took a walk along part of the Buckeye trail (a trail that if taken in its entirety circles around all of Ohio) in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park to enjoy the autumn colors and find Blue Hen Falls.

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Toadstool Foray

It feels so wonderful to be in the woods this time of year. The cycle of nature is so obvious, so vibrant, so crunchy beneath the feet and so colorful overhead.  A perfect time for hunting mushrooms! Continue reading

Beet Recipe & June Brings…(Part 2)

It might just be my increasing appreciation for beets, but I was talking out loud (to myself) and making grumblings of gustatory appreciation while eating this very simple meal.

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