Late Summer

Prairies and edge habitat are filled with color and the buzz of life.


A duskywing says hello.


Strange berries creep up in the woods.

Doll’s Eyes

Red berries.

Pears planted many years ago still ripen along city streets.

City pears.

The flowers of fungi announce their presence briefly.

Mushroom with fallen red sap.

Mushroom kiss.

Grandma mushroom.

There is a shift in the way light dances through the forest.

Light shimmering on bark.


Sun breaks through.

The cycle of life continues.

Spider consuming an insect on a black-eyed Susan.

Fallen tree.

Wild creatures embrace what remains of warm sun and prepare for the change in seasons.

Green Frog

White-tailed Deer

Sparrow spa out the window.

Our Great Lake changes moods quickly.

After the storm.

Day’s End

Late summer is a beautiful time to be alive!

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