Late Autumn on the Carolina Coast

Autumn can look so different when you’re away from home.

There are some telltale similarities in the proliferation of berries, the turning of the asters, and the migration of animals, but the forests, marshes, and beaches of the Carolina coast certainly have their own unique way of turning toward winter. 

Maritime Forest

Maritime Forest


Roots Growing Into a Native American Shell Ring




White Ibis


Palmetto Roots


Salt Marsh


Yaupon Holly


Palmetto Fruits


Downy Woodpecker


Spider’s Web


Pine Forest


Dry Pond


Wildlife Refuge Salt Marsh




Sun Over the Atlantic Ocean


Sandpipers! Love them…


Camphor Aster in the Dunes


Sea Oats


Sand Dune


Beach Patterns


Shell Swept

Can you feel the fresh ocean air filling your lungs with purifying goodness? What a healing environment.  And, Oh! — to have been there during the full moon we had this week — bliss!  I was able to moon bathe every evening.

I wish I could have also captured a photo of the dolphins that we were able to follow along the beach. I guess those moments were meant to be lived fully in the present.

Back to the usual Midwesetern goodness next post.

[Photos taken on Hilton Head Island in Sea Pines Forest Preserve, Pinkney Island Wildlife Refuge, the beach, and an Audubon Preserve.]

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7 thoughts on “Late Autumn on the Carolina Coast

  1. Hi Christine,
    Just wanted to say Hi. I have just discovered your lovely blog and enjoyed this post and the beautiful pictures. I also clicked on your post about following your intuition/dreams. This was a real comfort to read, I seem to be going through similar feelings at the moment, sometimes it feels like one is on the right path, fulfilling life’s purpose and heading in just the right direction and then it all starts to unravel and the doubt sets in. It can be hard to keep on track and stay focused at times, so I’m glad to have found your blog, I look forward to checking back for regular inspiration! Alex.

    • Thanks for your comment, Alex! I’m glad you found the blog and some posts that speak to you. I totally understand the up and down of emotions that you speak of — I guess we just have to try to remember that even when our lives seem to be unraveling that they’re somehow transforming into the next stage that is more fitting. But it certainly can be hard to do!
      Thanks again for your comment!

  2. I think we all need to take a brief hiatus from our usual environment sometimes so that we can fully appreciate the amazing diversity and beauty of other communities. We live on the river and we collected driftwood this year to make ourselves a Christmas tree and are making our own decorations “Scandanavian style” (except the Scandanavian’s did a wonderful job… 😉 ). I love your photos and you completely captured those wonderful moments that encapsulate a visit to the junction between the land and the sea. Our salt marshes are very similar looking and we love to walk that fine line between the water and the land and breath in that fresh sea air. Thank you for sharing your restoritive and soul cleansing holiday with us and I am looking forward to heading back to the mid west to see how the season is changing 🙂

  3. An in breath of astonishing beauty and fascinating to see how the area looks at this time of year. I was lucky enough to have explored the area this summer, so these beautiful images are very interesting to me! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful posts with us on Seasonal Celebration- Rebecca x

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