Beet Recipe & June Brings…(Part 2)

It might just be my increasing appreciation for beets, but I was talking out loud (to myself) and making grumblings of gustatory appreciation while eating this very simple meal.

I chopped some scallions, carrots, and beets.  Steamed them all together for 10 minutes. Put a little butter on top and added chives.  That’s all, but I really appreciated the flavor! It was so good, AND quite easy to make, AND 100% local.

I also mentioned that I might post a few more “June Brings” pictures after my first post on the subject got a little picture-heavy.

June has brought a few other garden delights worthy of mentioning including many roses…

…chamomile that is doing well in a pot on the front porch…

…an overflowing pot of chocolate mint…(some of which is currently infusing in oil)…

… horehound standing proud (and waiting to be made into cough drops)…

…and soon there will be echinacea in bloom.

Does anybody know what type of bug this is (blue and purple)?  She sure is pretty, but I’m not sure what role she plays in my little garden ecosystem…

June has also brought the sweetest treats of strawberries (mixed here with homemade yogurt)…

…and the field garlic is in bloom when I wander the park trails (yes, it is quite edible).

I also love the opportunity June brings for warm moments spent lying in the hammock looking up through the leaves and contemplating my place in the universe.  It is essential to remember to take time to “just be” in nature.

What does June bring for you?

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2 thoughts on “Beet Recipe & June Brings…(Part 2)

  1. I can’t see her little head, but if it is yellow I suspect she is a candy-striped leafhopper Graphocephala coccinea, she has lovely colors, great post Christine, ciao

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