Garlic Scape Kabobs

Wondering what to do with your abundance of garlic scapes?

Today, my mushroom grower (Valley City Mushrooms) suggested using them as kabob sticks! Brilliant! It works (just gather all the long, straight pieces that you can)!  We used some goodies we picked up at this afternoon’s market along with some locally made tofu. Yum.

Slice the end of the scape so that it is a little spiky and slide whatever marinated veg+protein you desire onto the skewer!

We grilled these over a fire out back and made some rice on the side for a perfect meal…

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4 thoughts on “Garlic Scape Kabobs

  1. We discovered scapes a few years ago at the New Hope, PA farmer’s market. This is a great idea! — and looks delicious!

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