deliberateLIFE – eMagazine Review

Recently, I received a request to take a look at a new virtual magazine called deliberateLIFE.  I wasn’t sure whether I should accept or not as I already have plenty on my plate at the moment, but when I went to the website and found their manifesto, I decided it was worth a try.


I like the message of personal responsibility mixed with communal interests, and I especially like any manifesto that includes THE EARTH WINS in bold print.  Hello, you have an interested reader.

spring-cleaningUpon receiving the magazine, my intrigue continued when the editor’s message began with a Thoreau quote.  I quickly felt like settling into this eclectic mix of photography and text as I read her message further: “One of our core beliefs here at deliberateLIFE is that our relationship to nature and the world around us matters. We believe that there is intrinsic value to spending time outdoors in environments that are untouched by man. Stepping away from our controlled surroundings into expanses too grand to bottle, embrace, or capture in a simple photograph—we can again find ourselves in the quiet and be reminded that we are only one part of the grand story of the universe.”

It’s always comforting to find a new blog, book, or in this case, e-magazine that makes you feel a part of something larger and included in a community.  After reading this, I felt that right away.

And so as I continued I was happy to see articles about slow food chefs, backyard farming, rain water harvesting, and homemade cleaning tips.  These articles mixed with other, more trendy pieces about making sustainable cocktails and hosting a seasonal foods dinner party, make this an ideal magazine for individuals who are looking to traverse the gap between living a “business as usual” life and a more earth-centered, deliberate life.

yard-to-tableMy only personal criticism of the magazine is that as I read on, I got the impression that many of the pieces about sustainable living were tailored to someone who is just beginning to embark upon this lifestyle.  Although I felt excited to see many of the article topics, I didn’t feel like I was really absorbing all that much novel information, and so I don’t know that I would recommend the magazine to those who are already whole-heartedly devoted to sustainable lifestyle choices.

That said, I think this magazine is an excellent way to get more people interested in the broader movement, especially considering the breadth of topics and the encouragement to have fun with these lifestyle choices (I mean, even my mom has got to be intrigued by the sustainable cocktail article).

swell-season-1And despite my reservation about some articles seeming basic (which is actually a good thing for many people!), this magazine also offers personal reflection pieces and articles about traveling with a focus on responsible tourism.  With these additional topics included, I really thought the editors did a great job at trying to keep this magazine accessible to a variety of age groups and sexes.

If you’re looking for a magazine that gives you a sense of community with others learning to live more responsibly, and you also like the traditional magazine appeal of flashy photography and occasional pages of quick lists and “how-to’s”, I suggest you give it a shot.

deliberateLIFE offers a 1-month free trial of the magazine that you can access by downloading their iPad app.  Unfortunately, an iPad is the only way you can access the magazine at this time, although they are looking to expand their platforms in the future.

If you happen to take a look, let me know what you think in the comments!

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