A Solstice Snow

Today has been a day for celebration! 

We awoke in the darkness ready to participate in the global meditation for peace and unity at 6:11:37 in our time zone.  Without turning on any lights, we lit a single candle and headed to our meditation spot.  What a powerful feeling to know that hundreds of thousands of others hoping to usher in a change of consciousness from all around the world were also meditating at this time! I had an overwhelming sense that we will be able to do this; that we will be able to create a culture that once again values the Earth and all her creatures.  But…there’s still a lot of work to be done!

Despite opening the door to the first Winter Wonderland day of the year, we then headed out to Lake Erie to usher in the rising sun.


There were very few others on the beach and the sunrise was a bit blurred through the snow clouds, but it felt right to be outside near a large body of water to witness the abrupt change from darkness to light.

Can you imagine how exciting this time would have been for people without electricity?  Without heating? What joy to know that summer was on its way again! I love trying to capture that excitement — it is the essence of this holiday time to me — the rebirth of the sun.

And of course, as I do every day, I took a walk to observe nature despite the howling winds and the barrage of snowflakes hitting my face when I walked toward the West.


It was still beautiful.


I love when the streets are covered with snow before it all turns to brown slush.


I also love being the first to walk over the glistening white blanket wrapping the Earth.


Now it’s time to warm up with some tea  and spend a little more time reflecting on new beginnings, light, silence, and what I hope is the end of an age of individualism, greed, and selfishness and a time for moving further into an era of community, peace, respect for the feminine principle, and connection with our home (call it an apocalypse if you will, I think it sounds GREAT, and I think it is happening!).

Blessed be! Happy Yule to All!

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11 thoughts on “A Solstice Snow

  1. What a lovely post! “era of community,peace,respect for the feminine principal,and connection with our home”….may that all come to our lives soon!

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