Herbal Hair Powder (Dry Shampoo)

I’ve been procrastinating this post for some time because a) I only have a limited amount of time to write blogs, b) I’m not sure if I should admit that I don’t wash my hair everyday, and c) it’s hard to take good pictures of powder.

However, I am tired of seeing this post on my to-do list, and this project is too useful for me to pass up!  Plus, after making this I learned that some of the major beauty companies sell this for a hefty price!  You can make this on your own for a fraction of the price (and with healthier ingredients).

They tout the ability of hair powder to volumize and texturize, and this powder does do all that, but I will let you in on a little secret…..

It also allows you to skip a hair wash or two (or three). Maybe we should just say “prolong the time between washing” – whatever that means for you.

Sprinkle a little hair powder onto dry hair that has a little shine and POP! — the shine is whisked away leaving fluffy, textured hair for another day.

This homemade version is made with safe, food-like ingredients that you won’t have to worry about putting near your skin (or your face, or your family).  I’ve also added a few powdered herbs to give it my own herb-loving spin that can help improve the overall quality of hair health.

For these blends, I’ve included powdered horsetail (also called shavegrass) and chamomile.  Horsetail is known for its high silica content and is commonly used to help hair grow and stay strong.  Chamomile can help with dandruff and is lightening for hair.  It’s also a relaxing, nicely scented herb that I enjoy adding to my beauty products.

There is a formulation for both dark- and light-colored hair.

hair powder

Dry Hair Powder for Light Hair

  • 1 part ground oatmeal
  • 1 part arrowroot powder
  • 1/4-1/2 part powdered chamomile and horsetail (optional)
  • Drops of essential oil to scent (optional, but lavender, peppermint, and orange are good to try)

Dry Hair Powder for Dark Hair

  • 1 part ground oatmeal
  • 1 part arrowroot powder
  • 1/2 part cocoa powder
  • 1/4-1/2 part powdered chamomile and horsetail (optional)
  • Drops of essential oil to scent (add peppermint to smell like a mint chocolate cookie!)

Some tips and tricks…

I used 1/4 cup as a “part” in my recipe.  This created enough hair powder to give some away to friends and to keep myself powdered for at least a few months (I made my first batch back in July and still have plenty left over!).  You might consider using tablespoons for your “parts” if you don’t need a lot of this.


I have a coffee grinder that I use ONLY for herbs and my body care products.  I ground the oatmeal, shavegrass, and chamomile in this.


In a pinch you could make a hair powder with either the oatmeal OR the arrowroot powder.  You could also use non-gmo cornstarch.  Really, you just need something that will soak up hair oil.


Use a whisk to help blend all the ingredients together into a powder.


To Use…

This powder can be stored in a jar and applied to roots with a make-up brush, or sprinkled right onto the the hair before brushing it in.  I use a powder container to make this easier.  (Plus, that’s what I’m used to – my best friend and I used to use a shaker of Baby Powder as a hair powder before we realized how bad it is for our lungs!)

Have fun using your new powder!


You can find some of the herbal ingredients, arrowroot, and powder containers through Mountain Rose Herbs.  I also have this available for sale in my Etsy shop – check it out here!


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