Nests and Nesting

nestsI am so thankful to have this time of nesting. It has been a period of profound spiritual development, deep insights, and lots of preparation. 

IMG_4827 Sewing of cloth diaper inserts and ring slings. Organizing little drawers.

IMG_7735Daily yoga and walking. Affirmations for a safe, peaceful, and easy birthing experience.

IMG_4839Ridiculous cleaning.  Transferring my kitchen to the dining room and back again.

nestingI am amazed that so many women work until the day they give birth. I truly can’t imagine. I’ve been using every moment of this time for some activity, even if it is just silent meditation. It is all valuable.

I am so thankful for a partner who acknowledges the value of this work, too.  What a blessing! I love you Mr. LF!

IMG_7801Of course, I think he might benefit, too.  He always has healthy meals when he comes home and yesterday he paid the ultimate compliment.  While eating dinner he told me how cozy and meditative I’ve made the house feel.

You know, I never gave much thought to homemaking when I was younger, but I have to say I have realized what a large job it is to do it and do it right.  It truly is valuable and under-appreciated work that may be essential to embrace again, at least on some level, if we are to move toward more self-sustaining, simple, and low-impact lifestyles.  (Shannon Hayes and her book Radical Homemakers may have helped nudge me in this direction…!).


IMG_7722The last of the garden is being turned into pestos and dried spice mixes.  Just in time, too, as the weather is really beginning to turn colder now!

IMG_4854Thus far, the Fall has been remarkably warm and sunny.

IMG_4800A perfect Fall for nests and nesting!

IMG_4847And cats, of course.

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2 thoughts on “Nests and Nesting

  1. Beautiful reflections and photos, Christine. They make me all the more excited about the impending new arrival. (and you can nest in my kitchen anytime!)

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