Embracing Winter While Finding the Spirit of Spring

I hear a lot of people bemoan winter weather, but I try to avoid complaining about it.  Winter is just another season, the wheel of the year will turn again just as quickly as it always does.

I find it better to embrace the gifts of winter.   I allow myself to sleep a bit more knowing that in the days before electricity people were certainly getting a lot more dreaming in this time of year.  Why did we decide that we always have to go, go, go?  The colder, darker days also allow me to find joy in the ample time to read, sew, journal, and dream of plans for the future.  This extra inward-focused time will quickly pass when spring comes!


The most important thing I’ve found to beat the winter blues is to never stop going outdoors — the extra sunlight (even if much duller than summer!) and connection with the turning of the seasons makes the winter a lot easier on mind and body.

Plus, there is still so much beauty to behold!


And when all else fails, this is a perfect time to make plans for spring!  Break out the seed collection! What will you plant? Where?


Somehow, embracing winter also means that when the snow melts, those first signs of spring are all that much more exciting!



Today was the first time I really felt the spirit of Imbolc in my wanderings — the ancient Celtic festival that marks the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.  Although it was actually on February 2, I think Earth-based holidays are all about when they feel right.  It’s nice to celebrate on the exact day, but this year on the actual day I was bringing Light Footsteps to the public for the first time (it went well!)!


So today, in addition to planning our garden and having a heart-shaped dinner, I celebrated the half-way point to spring.


The season of awakening is on the way!  Now is the perfect time to let go of things that no longer serve you and dream up what you’d like to manifest this spring.


Green Blessings!

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19 thoughts on “Embracing Winter While Finding the Spirit of Spring

  1. Here here! I can’t wait to hop straight into the warm cosy arms of winter! I have worked hard over the summer…planting, harvesting, trying to stop the sun from dehydrating my soul as we weathered the hot dry conditions here in Tasmania and I, for one, will be SO glad to see the rain…to feel the cold and to rug up for once rather than keep pulling items of clothing off. I want to “create” this winter…I want to forge the relationship between Brunhilda (our 4 oven wood burning stove) and I and introduce my new sourdough starter into the mix. Brunhilda and I have a ways to go till we are running like a well oiled machine when it comes to sourdough bread. I want to knit, crochet, read…READ! I want to “read” rather than pick up a book and fall instantly asleep because I am so tired…the mighty processes of summer bleed into the urgent preparations of autumn and winter brings solace, comfort and the reminder that we need to rest…winter is to the rest of the year as night is to our 24 hours…a counterbalance to our lives that we need to keep the cycles of life going. A period of downtime and reflection and planning and you are right about heading out into the crisp cold air. I dare say our dogs aren’t going to think twice about dragging us out every morning come rain or shine! I think that moaning about winter is an entirely modern luxury…winter was when things got mended…lives got healed…relationships learned how to weather the storms and the increased “togetherness” that comes with periods of time spent together. We need to remember our seasons. Our modern world would have us productive 24/7 – 7 days a week and 52 weeks in the year…rest is the antithesis of “restless”… I love this blog 🙂

    • Thanks for such an awesome comment! I’m so glad that this resonated with you — you really GET what I’m saying! I am tempted to just make your comment the post instead of what I’ve written! 😉 I wish you the best with the rest of your summer, and I know that you’re going to just be in love with the changing weather when the rains come!

      • Darned right I am 🙂 Nothing like a heatwave and a period of time lying on the deck basking like a beached whale to give you a distinct appreciation for winter 🙂

  2. I was just noticing the first signs of spring yesterday as well! You are so right about getting outside and how much that helps. I tend to hole up inside way too much, but then whenever I finally go outside I feel exhilerated and tell myself I need to get out more even when it is cold and dreary. This winter, I have truly undergone an amazing transformation that would not have been possible during the busy farming months of the year. The darkness is a time to look inward and I am so grateful for the time I had to expand my awareness through reading, workshops, meditation, yoga, journaling, dreaming and being.

    • Yes, yes, yes! This is exactly what I’m talking about – this is the perfect time of year for turning inward and engaging in activities like meditation, yoga, and journaling. I’m so glad to hear you’ve been embracing your off-season and that you’re going through a transformation – awesome!

  3. Thanks for this! It was just what I needed. I sat down a few days ago to write something about spring coming and couldn’t find the motivation and words – this was perfect!

  4. Thanks for sharing this on The HomeAcre Hop!!! Can’t wait to see what you share this coming Thursday 🙂 Here’s the super easy link to the next hop!

    If you haven’t checked out Wildcrafing Wednesday yet, please do! 🙂 It’s a hop I co-host for herbal remedies, natural living, real food recipes, and self sufficient living. Here’s the link for tomorrow’s hop:

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  7. Christine, I’ve missed your blog so I looked you up and wandered through many postings looking for just this one –to celebrate today.. I hope all is going well for your family.

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