As the wheel turns…(Imbolc Intentions)

Here we are at another turn of the wheel of the year.

Today marks the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox.  Many who celebrate the seasons of the Earth call this day Imbolc, although it is also known as Candlemas to some and Bride’s Eve to others.

This is the time when winter may start to feel long, gray, and drawn out, but the spirit of this holiday reminds us to keep searching.  Just beneath the snow are the rumblings of spring.  Just as we look out to another gray sky, we also see the days growing longer and new buds on the trees.

IMG_5199It’s a perfect time to plant the seeds of what you intend to manifest this coming spring.  Is it a new garden design or something more personal? Where do you have room to grow, stretch, and reach toward the light in your own life?

I have been reflecting on the seeds I’d like to sow this year and the word that continually comes to me is authenticity.


I want to live more confidently, assured of myself and what I believe.

I notice that I hold back a lot of what I think and feel for fear of how others might judge me.  Even with this blog, I don’t talk about so many things that are on my mind for fear of offending someone.

If I write about what I observed as parallels between our industrialized culture and the animals I studied in the zoo, I fear I will offend the wonderful people I used to work with.

If I write too much about my spirituality being derived from a deep, profound connection with the Earth, I fear I will offend the more traditionally-religious or scientifically-oriented people that read this.

If I write about my concerns related to global climate change or peak oil, I fear I will turn away people who might enjoy what I write about for other reasons.

It’s not that I haven’t touched on these topics, but I know there are things I see or want to say that I am afraid to express both on this blog and in real life.


But what I’m coming to realize is that I’m doing a disservice to hide these parts of who I am.  And I think I have a unique view on life that is worth sharing.  In fact, we all do.

We all have a unique view that is worth sharing and expressing without fear of being judged.

So, my seed, planted as a prayer sent into the cosmos at my little Imbolc altar is to live more authentically.

IMG_1611So far, I see two ways that I have begun to manifest this vision.  First, I signed up for an online retreat to teach a class on Sacred Pregnancy.  I love the Sacred Pregnancy movement and I loved my pregnancy/birth experience.   I would be delighted to share this wisdom with other women and I think this is a good first step.

Altar made for the first week of my Sacred Pregnancy class.

Altar made for the first week of my Sacred Pregnancy class.

The second way I see this manifesting is to claim the next chapter of my life as worthy and enough even if it looks very different from the way I’ve spent the last ten years.  I do not want to go back to the workforce full time and I want to claim my role as a radical homemaker (a la Shannon Hayes) and as a mother.

Thus, I provide for my family (and our environment and future) by running an efficient home economy and spiritual base.  Add to this my growing herbal business, the small business dreams that Mr. LF and I hold together, and the role I see myself having as a mentor for women looking to experience a more sacred life and I think I have my work cut out for me.

Making cheese.

Making cheese.

Moving toward our own authenticity can be scary and it can be painful, but it’s also oh so good. Kind of like childbirth.

What seeds are you planting this Imbolc?


(Also check out last year’s Imbolc inspired post: Embracing Winter While Finding the Spirit of Spring.)

12 thoughts on “As the wheel turns…(Imbolc Intentions)

  1. Beautiful. I encourage you to speak your truth. Truth is needed in this world. Rather than offend, your ideas might make others pause and…think…!

  2. This was beautiful and inspiring. It really spoke to me. I also tend to hold back in many ways. As I was digging up the lawn in the backyard over the weekend I realized how this project is so symbolic of me coming out of the shadows so to speak. I am slowing realizing that I can be front and center and take up space sometimes (the veggie garden becoming the focal point of the yard) instead of blending in and making room where I can find it (how I gardened before, making uses of the empty spaces of the already landscaped backyard). The ideas behind “authentic” and “enough” are things I keep coming back to. So central. Thank you for this post.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment. I love the imagery of you digging up the lawn and finding new ways to be you. It’s so cool to embark on projects that mimic our inner life that way. I’m glad you resonate with the ideas of being “authentic” and “enough”, too. Here’s to embracing them both more and more!!

  3. Beautiful post! I love to see other people writing about Imbolc… it might be my favorite time of the year; it is definitely my favorite time of the year right now! 😉
    ( I recently wrote a post about Spiced Wine for Imbolc.)
    I hope you do write more about your spirituality and connection with the Earth… because I feel it, too, and love to hear about how others are experiencing it.
    Have a Blessed day!
    ~ Christine
    P.S. Your pictures are gorgeous… but I especially love the one down by the creek. I would love to just sit there and listen and breathe and think… until my butt froze to the ground! 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment and for the encouragement to write more about my Earth-based spirituality! I’m glad that others reading this blog are interested in that, too. I hope you had a wonderful Imbolc, and I’ll have to go over and check out your recipe for Spiced Wine! Sounds delicious!

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