The Flooded Forest and Unkempt Garden

Yesterday was a wonderful spring day to enjoy nature.  We took a walk along Big Creek and you can tell from all the leaves, trees, and random children’s playground equipment scattered throughout the forest that last week’s rains caused the creek to swell quite a few feet above the banks.      IMG_0067





IMG_0115I’m also amazed to see what is still coming up around this yard.  I haven’t done much with it because we should be moving to our new homestead very soon, but there are a lot of volunteers — kale, tomatoes, cilantro, and some greens that have returned.  I’ll try to cut back on the number of tomatoes so there are a few strong ones growing for whoever moves in next.   There are also many lovely flowers coming along.






Ah, Spring. What’s happening where you are?

P.S. I saved a BUNCH  of columbine seeds awhile back (the purple flower above – it’s an heirloom in our family!).  If you’d like some, leave a comment and I can mail out packets to 3 or 4 of you! First come, first served!

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8 thoughts on “The Flooded Forest and Unkempt Garden

  1. Hi Christine,

    What nice photos! I’d love some columbine seeds! I started putting together a package of organic & heirloom seeds for you that I saved from our garden that you can plant at your new homestead!


  2. Is this creek near your Cleveland house? Beautiful photos Christine! Of course, you know which are my favorites……

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