Permintic Health and Wellness

What does permanent, integrative, and holistic wellness for a sustainable world look like?

There aren’t too many models at the moment, but Permintic Health and Wellness is leading the way with a new vision of what healthcare could be.

Permintic Health and Wellness is one of the next steps in the path that my partner and I are following to foster the change to a sustainable, equitable, and exciting new world that works with the Earth for the benefit of people and planet.

Here is some selected text from the Philosophy page that Michael has written:

Optimal wellness is a state of being that everyone has a right to achieve and maintain.  But it requires radical lifestyle modification:

  • being more closely connected with our food
  • refusing to settle for the quick and easy “choices” offered by civilization
  • communing with nature
  • minimizing our dependence on fossil fuels
  • engaging in life-affirming and community-building activities
  • learning skills that enhance our resilience
  • attending to our spiritual and emotional needs
  • …and much more.

These are changes that are intrinsically valuable, that lead to a more healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, and that many would make in a heartbeat if they had the means.

Hmm…a lot of the things I try to discuss on this blog!

He also mentions:

Permintic Health & Wellness strives to create solutions for individuals who want to take an active role in optimizing and sustaining their health.  We realize that:

  • Without healthy humans who are committed to restoring, maintaining, and improving the health of the Earth, the Earth may soon be unable to sustain human existence, much less human health.
  • In order for humans to be healthy, they must have access to affordable and integrative health, healing, and wellness services that do not require them to live an unsustainable lifestyle that damages the health of the Earth.
  • In order for these services to be available, they must be sustainable – i.e., they must not be dependent upon consumption of resources faster than they can be replenished.

Wonderful, isn’t it? Feel free to head on over to Permintic’s site for more information.  Keep in mind, this is definitely a work in progress, but we’re excited to have feedback and input from others.  We’re currently looking for additional ideas, collaborators, and support – let us know if you can help in any way.

What is your vision for the future of healthcare?

Also make sure to take a look at Michael’s previous post on These Light Footsteps: Who’s Considering Sustainability in Healthcare?

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2 thoughts on “Permintic Health and Wellness

  1. Thank you Christine for this post and the link to the Permintic health site. I am studying for an MSc in Nutrition at present with the aim of practising as a nutritional therapist in the not too distant future. The aspect of my learning that I am most enjoying and constantly amazed by is the inter-connectedness of all things, everything comes back to balance of body, mind and environment. Our current allopathic healthcare system in the UK is based very much upon treatment of symptoms rather than the individual and I believe this is why many people are looking to alternative/ complimentary therapies in answer to their health concerns. I believe that nutritional therapy has an important part to play in offering this more holistic approach, but I am aware that integration with other practitioners and specialities, as well as conventional health care, is key in moving forward with this approach. I’m very exited about the future of health care and about the fact that I will be a part of this emerging system. Best wishes to you, Alex

    • I’m glad that this post and the ideas behind Permintic resonate with you! A large part of it is the recognition that you’ve also had — that all things are interconnected. There is no part of our health that can be isolated without considering the myriad influences of body, mind, and environment. It’s exciting that there are a greater number of people in the healthcare world that are really starting to realize that and work with that understanding!

      We definitely need greater input and consultations with nutritionists as we move toward a new model of healthcare that treats people holistically. It’s great that you’re doing that! Best wishes as you continue your studies!

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