A Light Footsteps Year

Although the 31st of December is somewhat of an arbitrary date in a calendar that was implemented in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII, it is the calendar we have used throughout our lives, and therefore today serves as a useful day for reflection before the beginning of a new calendar year.


I hope that 2012 was the year that you began to take risks, follow your heart, and live your dreams.  But if not, let’s make it happen in 2013!


For me, 2012 was certainly a time for change and for stepping further into understanding who I really am.  It’s a quest that does not end, but it is much more fulfilling than blindly following what our culture or people around us expect for us to do and be.  I have a bigger, better, and more life-changing role than I ever knew was possible when I was trapped in doing what I thought I should be doing.


I hope that as I move into the new year, I continue to shed the negative internal and external messages that influence how I feel about myself, my self worth, and the path I am taking with my life. I feel called to be the change I wish to see in the world, to help people reconnect with nature and the feminine, and there is not yet a clear path to do that — it involves breaking free of convention, taking risks, and living a lifestyle that not everyone understands.  But that’s ok! Instead of feeling fearful, I feel excited, motivated, and ready to step further into who I am and my purpose here!


One of the ways in which I have been doing that is here with you, the Light Footsteps community!  I am thrilled to know that there are so many others who are also interested in living more sustainable, Earth-based lives, and that I can connect with all of you in this way.  I will admit — it is new for me to share myself in this way, and sometimes it leaves me feeling vulnerable.  In my day-to-day life, it is somewhat rare to know the inner workings of my mind; I am an intensely private person, a bit of a homebody, and I do not open up to just anyone.  Thus, this venue has helped me to build confidence in sharing my ideas, inspirations, and vision with a wider audience of people (yikes! there are more than 230 of you now!).  Thank you for taking this journey with me.

And what a journey it has been!  Here are the top 10 most-viewed posts on These Light Footsteps during 2012:

  1. Healing Plantain Salve
  2. Simply Homemade: Broth Powder and Face Wash
  3. Slippery Elm Balls for Digestive Distress
  4. Get Your Red Clover Before the Season’s Over
  5. Magical Monarchs — Part 1
  6. Great-Great-Grandma’s Doughnuts
  7. Homemade Ricotta — It’s Easy!
  8. Lemon Verbena All-Purpose Cleaner
  9. Learning to Love Weeds – Plantain
  10. Remember to Take Your Pine Needles for Good Health

It seems that I’ve gotten the most attention from my herbal-based posts.  That’s a good thing because I have loved stepping into my power as an herbalist! In addition to finding permaculture, herbalism has been something that really calls to me as a way to combine my love of the outdoors, healing, and connecting with nature in a practical knowledge base that lets me indulge in my nerdy side (you should see my stacks of books and notebooks on the subject…!) and to share nature with others!

And although it didn’t get as much traffic as the other posts, this post relates to my personal changes of 2012 mentioned above and might be inspiring to others looking to take risks and follow their dreams.

Happy New Year!

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11 thoughts on “A Light Footsteps Year

  1. Christine, your words have been a true inspiration to me to follow my passion and do what I feel is right instead of following what others expect me to do. It is difficult to go against what culture teaches us to do, but the closer I get to doing what I feel is right the better I feel about myself and the happier I become. I feel the same as you about sharing personal thoughts. It is difficult to do and I often hesitate, but it seems to open me up to others with the same thoughts and feelings and brings a sense of community and an inspiration that change can happen. I am thrilled to have found your blog and am excited to follow you along your journey! Happy New Year!!

  2. Christine, reading your post I felt like it could have been my own. I’m on the same type of journey. It’s not easy making change. But what could be more worth it than moving toward your dreams …and your true self. Good luck with your journey in the coming year!
    Mindy, Fresh

  3. Happy New Year! What lovely photos… you live in a lovely place! I like what you wrote, and would simply encourage you to write what you feel from your heart, and never mind what ‘people like’ the most…. because it’s your blog and your special place to share whatever you want with your fans…. blessings and peace for a wonderful 2013! SingingBones

  4. I second your ethos and raise you a creed! “I shall strive to walk with the lightest footsteps that I possibly can on this beautiful earth and in 2013 I will learn and implement everything that I can to integrate the natural cycles on Serendipity Farm”. Cheers for a wonderful blog full of positive possibilities and here’s to a 2013 cram packed full of more 🙂

  5. Hi Christine and Happy New Year. I adore your blog and am so honoured you pop by Seasonal Celebration, which makes it easier for me to keep updated with your inspirational posts. Keep up your beautiful work! Rebecca x

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