I think we’re finally getting close to having a rhythm again.  We are settling in to this as our home.

As everything around us blossoms and comes into fullness, so do we.


This little one is really blossoming, too.  Suddenly, all things are happening at a faster pace.  Crawling, pulling up, waving hi and bye…it is all happening so quickly!


We gather plants as we can, creating medicinal oils, drying herbs, and eating some things fresh from the yard, too.

Our fall garden has been planted: lettuce, carrots, peas, broccoli, herbs, and more.  I really needed to get my hands in the dirt and begin this new life.  When the seeds poke their heads through the soil it’s like a welcome surprise every time.





I gave the packaging for my bath blends a makeover.

IMG_1342I am trying to create community in this new place.  Cookies and fresh teas don’t hurt a bit!


In other areas around the yard, lovely native plants are blossoming.


Mr. LF cut down a dead tree with a hand saw. I was pretty impressed.  And of course, we had a conversation beforehand about this decision – after all, dead trees make excellent habitat for wildlife and should not be cut down without forethought!


And of course, there have been some lovely walks in nearby places of beauty.


IMG_6353 We are so blessed to be on this new adventure!

IMG_1193How has your summer been?

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