It’s International Permaculture Day!

Happy, happy International Permaculture Day! !

Have you been doing anything to celebrate (maybe even if you didn’t know it was today)?

I feel like my whole day was a celebration and it all started with a locally sourced breakfast.


I am so thankful for another season of farmers’ markets and truly FRESH local food!  YEAH!

This afternoon, I continued to celebrate by attending a Permablitz (a gathering of permaculture enthusiasts to do a lot of work in a little time) where we were installing a food forest in a family’s front yard.  I didn’t actually do all that much installing (the hard parts were already done!), but I did help plant a few things.  It was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon, and a GREAT project, even if they still have a little convincing to do with their neighbors…  Someday they’ll all understand!

The event also helped me to feel a little more centered.   Lately, there have been times I feel that I’m floating away from my purpose – it’s so easy to try to go with the flow of things and temporarily lose sight of one’s larger calling.   But…it always comes back.  I felt it strongly today as it seemed that I was truly valued for my skills and knowledge.  I have a lot to share, I’m just not always around very many people who care to talk about it!   But I suppose that’s why I keep pursuing this larger dream, so that I can get to a place where I am teaching and sharing these skills more frequently and with more people.

I continued to celebrate when I returned home with more gardening.  My raised beds aren’t quite looking photo-ready yet, but it feels great to get everything started.  Soon, there will be lettuce, carrots, and a greater bounty of herbs!

The perennials are also coming along nicely…I just love this bleeding heart plant…



It’s quite a beautiful Spring day – a perfect one to celebrate the promise of permaculture!

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8 thoughts on “It’s International Permaculture Day!

  1. I am beginning to garden on new ground—a new “old” home hubby and I are purchasing. And I find I am so much more comfortable now when it comes to planting. I knew where to site the tomatoes, how to quickly prep a planting bed, when to load on the mulch, where to tuck the garden scraps. All thanks to my permaculture buddies back in Indiana. It’s nice to look back and see how far you’ve come!

  2. Beautiful photos Christine! Sounds like you had a wonderful day =) My little planters of wild flowers from the seeds you sent are starting to grow, so I will send a photo soon! Between the citrus trees, pyracantha, morning glory ground cover and Indian Hawthorne blooms in our yard, we are doing our part to keep the bees buzzing!

  3. Well I’m thinking someone should start a political, ‘permaculture party’ to take on those idiots running the country 🙂

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