The First Days of this New Year

On New Year’s Eve we went cross-country skiing (on snow that clumped a little too easily…).


But I do believe we set the New Year off right by shoveling a path to the outdoor fire place to build a fire.


We wrote our successes and things-we-could-have-done-better in 2012 onto paper that we fed to the flames.  Symbolically, this helps to release what has happened in the past to make way for the fresh start we can experience with a New Year.


So far it has been beautiful!

IMG_1198 IMG_1304 IMG_1297  IMG_1313 IMG_1315 IMG_1327 IMG_1337


crunchy snow..

howling winds that remind me how alive I really am…

the red hue of the sun setting in the forest…

creaky trees swaying above…

time for rest and dreaming after the busy holidays…

searching deep in my soul for strength, courage, and wisdom to be more fully me this year…

(oh, and lots of baking, sewing, writing in my journal, reading, and herbal things!)…


Hope your year has gotten off to a great start, too!


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5 thoughts on “The First Days of this New Year

  1. We do the same thing – writing things on paper and putting them into our wood stove to release them and move forward. Love your nature photos!!

    I will be ordering more of your salve – it was a big hit at Christmas and worked extremely well when my daughter burnt her arm on a pan while cooking pancakes the other day!

  2. Firstly, what a great idea to feed the fire with your successes and things you could have done better- I love the symbolism of this and plan to do it with my family next year. Secondly, your images are so beautiful and inspiring. You certainly live in a beautiful area and I do enjoy following your posts throughout the year, following the seasons as they change.. Thank you for sharing this with us at Seasonal Celebration Wednesday!

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