Let’s Go!

Come with me! Put your jacket on and let’s go outside!

It might be a little darker, but there’s still a lot to see!

Color abounds if you take the time to look…


…and I just can’t get enough moss of all this moss!


Look at the way these roots hug the bank of the river.



I can hardly hear the noise of the city any longer – the rushing of this water is far too loud.


And look at this rock! It is perfectly made for sitting!

IMG_0803And it’s soft, too!


With a beautiful view while on my side…


…or while looking up into the sky.


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5 thoughts on “Let’s Go!

  1. Thanks for taking me on a walk outside :)! I’m in the process of reading “Peace is Every Step” after seeing your earlier post. It’s nice to slow down, “breathe” and return to my true self! LOVE your posts!!

  2. Lovely photos, it’s good to remember how beautiful it is outside in winter when you think you’d rather stay indoors by the fire! I was just out walking with my dog, it is a very cold, frosty and sunny morning here in Worcestershire, England.

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