Happy Summer Solstice!

Welcome to the longest day of the year!

Everything is blooming, life abounds, green and sun rule the Earth (in the Northern hemisphere, anyway!).  Do you feel it in your own life, too?

How are things blossoming for you? Is your life accelerating along with the seasons?

Think back to what was troubling you or on your mind for the winter solstice (at the end of December) and how it weighed on you during that dark time of the year.  What held you back emotionally? What big changes were starting to emerge or were taking place for you?

Did you start to “see the light” and make movements toward a new way of approaching life as Spring came to us and the days grew longer?  And now how do those troubles look in the bright light of a long summer day? Have you blossomed into a new person or into a new way of life? Certainly, all of your troubles may not be gone, but I’ll bet we all have a different perspective than we did during the winter solstice.  Keep using the long days and summertime energy to blossom further, develop projects, and start new adventures in your life before we return to the more introspective time of the year that comes with shorter days.

There is much energy, blossoming, and abundance to be found outdoors! Even in the local urban park you’ll find an abundance of hearty plant life…

Ox-eye daisy

Crown vetch (a good nitrogen-fixer)

Wild looking field garlic

Bird’s-foot Trefoil

Everlasting Pea

St. John’s Wort

All of this in a park where you can see and hear how close the highway is! (See the billboard in the far left background?)

And I must also mention how exciting this time of year is for fresh food! There’s just not enough time in a day or days in the summer to make as much food as I’d like.  And the blueberries are back (can’t wait to try yours, Sonia!)! Click here for the coffee cake recipe shown below.

Blueberry coffee cake made for Father’s Day

Green blessings!

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One thought on “Happy Summer Solstice!

  1. I can’t wait for my blueberries either, Christine! I keep thinking that they will ripen up any day now, but they are not quite there. Life is definitely accelerating. I can’t believe it is solstice already! Cheers

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