Happy Ostara! Celebrate Spring!

Regardless of what you like to call it, today is the Spring Equinox in the Northern hemisphere and we have again returned to a time where day and night are equal.  This time, daylight will win and we will continue to experience more light until the summer solstice returns.

Following the wheel of the year and the turn of the seasons is one of the best ways to connect with nature and to feel a greater sense of being a part of the all that is.  I find it especially whimsical and meaningful to think of my ancestors and other nature-based cultures of the past who would have felt this day on an extremely intimate level.  This balance between night and day means that winter is officially over and that soon food will be plentiful again — this is literally a time to be thankful that life can continue on. I think we still feel a part of this as we open our windows, spend more time outdoors noticing flowers, and feel a sense of renewed energy in our lives. The return of the Spring season still represents a time of renewal, rebirth, and fertility.

Luckily, even the idea of taking time to celebrate a day like Ostara isn’t all that foreign to most of us — the concept of rebirth and fertility as symbolized by eggs and rabbits appears in other holidays around this time of year (hello, Easter!).

Whether you celebrate it now, or in a few weeks at Easter, take a few moments to think of how and why these holidays began and how intimately humans have always depended on the Earth for our survival.

Usually, Ostara is a time where I’m just starting to feel like Spring might come again. This year has been a little different and Spring is in full force.  Here are some Spring-things that I’ve noticed over the past few days…

The magnolia tree is back! I feel like I should just spend all of my time underneath this tree appreciating it while it’s in bloom. It comes and goes so quickly!

Magnolia tree 2012

Adding Spring “weeds” to my salads!

Purple dead nettle and dandelion

Blooming flowers in the yard…

Windows open and Spring cleaning!

How are you celebrating Spring?

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10 thoughts on “Happy Ostara! Celebrate Spring!

  1. My first iris just popped up, and sunflower seeds have been planted along with some
    more lettuce (the mainstay of my garden!) There is a little frog that roams our yard, yet to be seen, and of course the weeds are popping up too.

  2. Wow I’m jealous of your plants! I have a black thumb I swear. Of all the plants I try to grow maybe 25% survive. It’s full blown spring here and truly we’re almost into summer weather actually. For us we celebrate in the common children’s ways with egg hunts, crafts and cute stuff.

    Eostre Blessings!

    I’ve love it if you’d add this post or even a different one for a blog hop I’m hosting on Saturday. This is the link for the details. http://treegoldandbeegold.com/2012/02/spring-has-sprung-blog-hop-march-25th.html

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  5. I love Spring, and very unusually, it has been very late to arrive here in the UK, the daffodils are just beginning to bloom with the magnolias about three weeks from blooming. We have had lots of easterly weather recently bringing very cold and cloudy conditions, hence the tardiness. Personally I’m like a reptile, waiting to warm up in the sun, I think our flowers feel a little like that too:-)

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