Hi! Are you still out there?

Hi everyone. It’s been awhile.  Our lives have gotten swept away in managing our 121 acres, several business entities, parenthood, and other responsibilities.


Blogging here just hasn’t fit in.  Which is a bummer because there are so many things happening that I wish I was better about documenting!  Maybe someday I’ll get back into lifestyle blogging, but for now I wanted to at least pass on the ways that you can continue to find out what we’re up to.

First, in our expansion, we have tried to gain clarity about business entities.  Where Light Footsteps was once an herb farm and educational venue that also sold products and began consulting we now have two main entities:

resilient acres logo

  1. Resilient Acres — our overall farm.  This is what we call the entirety of our 121 acres and is also the farm business.  It grows, harvests, and sells plants for food and medicine.
    1. You can see our website here (to be revamped soon!) or follow us on Instagram here.


2.  Resilient Birth & Botanicals (RBB) – this is where I now do the herbal education, consulting, and product production.  My office, kitchen, and classes are located on Resilient Acres, but RBB is focused specifically on my activities as an herbalist and birth worker.

    1. You can see my newly updated (woohooo!) website here and follow me on Instagram here or Facebook here.
    2. If you’re on my Light Footsteps mailing address, you will remain on my email list for RBB, but if you’d like to sign up now (and get a free PDF on making your own salves and oils), click here.

Lots of creek walks this spring!

Technically, we also have a 501c3 non-profit, Resilient Health Network, too, but that is still in development.

Ok, I hope that helps to spread the word about where we are and how you can find us! Please reach out if you have any questions.


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