Gratitude Sunday {9/21/14}

I haven’t done a Gratitude Sunday for some time, but I think taking time to feel grateful is such an important practice.  As I was taking some photos this morning, I was inspired to share my recent gratitude list.

{Joining with Wooly Moss Roots}

Today I am grateful for…

~ Leaning in to the changing seasons and beginning to decorate in celebration of the Fall Equinox (Mabon)


~ Morning walks pushing Baby LF around the yard

IMG_1692~ Seeing beauty where others may see weeds

~ Leading my first plant walk at our new land and meeting a friend in the process

~ Finding wooly bears in the yard

IMG_1691~ Finding frogs in the forest

IMG_1658~ Quickly changing autumn skies contrasted with changing leaves.  It goes so quickly from blue to gray and back.

IMG_1695~ Continuing to trust and find confidence in my path

~ Warm fall days exploring our backyard

IMG_1647~ The last in a series of beautiful weddings with friends from college

~ Mr. LF’s persistence with our wood pile


What are you grateful for today?


7 thoughts on “Gratitude Sunday {9/21/14}

  1. I’m grateful for our wonderful extended family in Ohio who keeps us grounded in love and mindful of the beautiful world around us.

  2. Hi Christine and LF Family! What a lovely post. Reflecting back on this past growing season, I am grateful for both the abundance of inward and outward growth in our lives and our homestead. I will be finishing up harvesting our first batch of pasture raised Barred Plymouth Rock chickens tomorrow and we will soon have a new chicken coop/ high tunnel built to overwinter our females and breeding males! The prairie pasture is looking magnificent with all of the asters and goldenrod in bloom and we even had a large number of monarchs stopping by to rest and refuel this past week as they continue on their southward migration. Oh, Joy of Nature!

    • Wow, what an amazing time of new experiences on your farm! I bet the fields look stunning in all their yellow and purple glory. And just humming with insects!
      Please keep some of the resulting baby chicks saved with our names! 🙂 We would love to bring some to live with us here. When do you think they will be hatching?

  3. HI, Christine! I am grateful for having your LF family newly touching my life. And for your beautiful thoughts and photos reminding me to take some time to wander and appreciate my land instead of always being so busy and just glancing. Blessings!

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