Spring Things

The weather may still be slightly erratic, but it’s definitely on the upswing.  Warmer days, ephemeral flowers, rain, and eggs — Spring is here!

Skies are blue…  IMG_5865

The toothwort is coming up all around…



Mysterious shadows dance through the forest…


Snakes awaken from longer winters and bask in the sun…


Coltsfoot pop up in damp areas…


Daffodils lift their sunny heads in neighborhood yards…


Baby mullein rosettes appear…


May apples begin to poke their heads through the leaf litter…  IMG_5886

Trout lillies enjoy their short time soaking up sun…


Forest creatures become more active after a long winter spent in “Old Man Tree”….IMG_5928

Beavers are busy making adjustments on the homestead…  IMG_5768

A little one participates in her first egg dye….

IMG_5922The ramps arrive…!



Spring peepers sing a chorus in the background…


Hyacinths sweetly scent the air…IMG_5804

And the crocusts give it their all for the few days they are in bloom…IMG_5806

What a beautiful time of year for exploring!


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3 thoughts on “Spring Things

  1. Thanks to you I have a whole new appreciation for Spring….Beautiful photos Christine-I’m looking forward to seeing ramps!

  2. Just lovely. You are a little ahead of us, our trout lilies leaves are up, but no flowers yet, and the ramps are just about ready to harvest. We saw our first coltsfoot on the weekend, and I was hoping to harvest some today, but it was just too wet. Hopefully on the weekend. I will have to look up toothwort, I have never noticed it around here…will keep my eyes open to see if we have any.

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