The Day After the Solstice

I’m late in wishing you a Happy Solstice and  Festive Yule — one of the most promising Earth-based holidays of the year (the light returns!), but you’ll have to excuse me for I am often distracted by my favorite gift of the season. P1010947We got a break from the snow yesterday, but instead it rained all day. I lit candles, got cozy with the darkness, and told Baby LF about all the solstice traditions we’ll begin when she’s a little older.

Today, it’s as if the Earth has heard our request for more light.  The sun shone for the first time in days and it was warm enough to be outside without a heavy coat!  What a perfect way to welcome the Winter.

IMG_8357Best wishes to you all for a beautiful holiday season!  May it be filled with light, warmth, family, and a hike in nature! IMG_8365

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