Super Easy DIY Moby-type Wrap for Baby

For me, the effort to live more simply will also come through in the way I try to raise baby Light Footsteps.  So for example, that will mean cloth diapers, an attempt to avoid excessive scheduling, breastfeeding, baby-led weaning, and baby wearing (amongst other things, of course!).

In addition to being the method of transporting babies for many millennium before strollers, baby wearing advocates cite numerous potential benefits including:

  • reduced infant crying
  • better ability for parents to learn and respond to baby’s cues
  • ease of breastfeeding
  • increase in parental confidence
  • increased ability to do chores, walk, etc. while keeping baby near

There are numerous ways to wear a baby – each with a variety of pros and cons in different situations (researching all this wasn’t exactly “simple”!).  I am planning to have 3 or 4 carriers for different situations (including one that my grandma made for me when I was a baby – exciting!).

The one I’m sharing with you today seems best for keeping young babies close by and cuddled while out and about or while at home doing simple chores.  If made out of a knit fabric, you don’t even need to sew it!

The next time you notice fabric on sale, purchase 5-6 yards (you will be making these wraps for a lot less than they cost!). If you choose a knit fabric, you won’t even need to hem the edges (unless you want, of course) and it will make for a stretchy and cozy wrap.

Once home, spread the fabric all the way out.  It should be folded lengthwise. Beware: cats will be very attracted to what you are doing.

Cut on the long edge of the fabric.


And there you have it.  It’s that easy – now you have TWO wraps.  The next step is just figuring out how to use them!  Luckily, tutorials abound.  I found this one most useful: Wrapping Folded.

It also helped to sew something on to the fabric to indicate the center of the wrap as this is the key to a balanced wrapping.  I sewed a fabric heart on to one and a button on the other.

Then the cats actually came in handy and I was able to practice wrapping.  MiuMiu was snug and secure (although it was a little difficult to keep his head where I wanted it!).

IMG_7588I’m sure there will be lots more practicing with a human baby in another month, but I’m glad to have these wraps cut out and ready to go.

What have you used for baby wearing?

For more information see:

Babywearing International

La Leche League’s Benefits of Baby Wearing

10 Reasons to Wear Your Baby – Natural Child Project

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4 thoughts on “Super Easy DIY Moby-type Wrap for Baby

  1. Love it! I have made three DIY moby wraps (or Fauxby wraps as I like to call them). So easy. I am so happy to hear when parents plan to baby wear, BLW, breastfeed, etc. Good luck, and congratulations. I haven’t read in a while and didn’t know you were expecting 🙂

  2. Very clever! I never had much luck with those wraps with my daughters- I always felt like they were hanging down around my knees. LOL! I’m sure you’ll do better than I did. Love your little furry volunteer. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop! I hope you’ll join us again next week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

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