Simple Summer Living

Summer is in full swing.

My breakfasts are full of local berries,


and my little urban yard brings a plethora of goodies. It’s pretty amazing what can fit in a small space when you fill it to the brim!   It’s certainly not a garden of perfect little rows, but it is producing a lot and no space is lost.






From my journal:

IMG_7333The color is amazing, this pink-tinged summer evening.  I can hardly see across the yard there is so much bounty. 

Magenta pierces the air around the echinaceas while globes of green dangle from strong stalks, soaking up the nourishment of the day. 

Pink heads of roses have become too heavy for their own good, bowing themselves to the ground.

The fullness of summer evenings overwhelms my heart.  My spirit is with the swallows overhead, chitter-chattering in large loops over the house and park. 

I’ve written about the intersection between sustainable living and bountiful, healthy living previously.  I’m happy to report that Transition Voice, a meeting place for voices discussing the transition to a sustainable future with less oil, published one of my pieces.  It is doing really well over there! Take a peek if you haven’t read it before:  We Must Be the Change.

Happy Summer!


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