100% Local Red Skin Potato Recipe

During the summer, I try to eat at least 90% local when I’m cooking for myself. There’s no excuse not to with so many wonderful farmer’s markets around (and what I can grow myself!)! With limited time, I often put things together randomly, but I thought this particular dish turned out well! It’s simple, but wholesome.

I used:

-red skin potatoes (I used the little ones that had probably been sold to me in a pint carton)

-2 green onions

-1/2 sweet pepper

-fresh picked rosemary

-tablespoon or so of butter

-farmer’s market veggie cheese to top!

Mixing together..

1. Slice the potatoes and carrots and steam for ~10 minutes.

2. Meanwhile, go out to your garden (or fridge) and gather 2 green onions. Dice that (including some of the green leafy top) and the sweet pepper. My pepper was green- and yellow-colored.

3. Take the big tablespoon of butter and heat with some rosemary (I guess maybe a heaping Tbs.? Whatever you fancy!).  I did this in the pot at left to make step 4 easier. Add the onion and pepper and saute for ~3 minutes.

4. At this point, you can add the the potatoes and carrots. Mix well.

5. I love my farmer’s market cheese, so I grated some of that on top, but it’s not necessary!

6. Yum it up.

This was all that I ate for dinner that night, so this served one for me, but it could easily be for two if you had another little something to go with it.


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