The most wonderful time of year….(spring!)

Each season has its highlights, but I don’t think there’s anything quite so wonderful as Spring.

Everything has me speaking in exclamation points.

Did you HEAR the spring peepers?!?!” I bound through the house asking Mr. Light Footsteps while doing a few twirls.

“You wouldn’t BELIEVE the plants we saw on our walk today!” I exclaim as I fail to contain my enthusiasm and speak through jumps.

I doubt everyone gets quite so excited about such spring-things, but these are the finer points in life that I believe in celebrating. 


Things have been a little busy lately, but as I’ve driven around or worked in the yard, the blossoming trees and the coming of dandelion flowers led me to believe that the time was ripe to go searching for the very best part of spring – the ephemeral wildflowers.

Oh, was I right.

And we really hit the jackpot of flower trails this week.

Trout lilies formed dense blankets in many areas….


Ferns have begun unfurling themselves…


Cute forest violets have started to appear…


My heart was stolen again and again by these wild bleeding hearts. I have never, ever seen quite so many in the forest…



Even Baby Light Footsteps quickly learned to say, “Wow, beautiful.”


And of course there was toothwort…


And I saw my first wild cohosh!




Virginia bluebells…


White trillium (!)…


and red trillium!!


All on the same 1/2 mile trail – wow!

I was in such excited plant-lover heaven! And I think Little Light Footsteps had a pretty good time, too…


We finally got around to hugging a tree for Holden Arboretum’s Arbor Day #hugatreeforholden campaign and it started a series of tree hugs.  She was very quick to pick up and say (over and over) “hug trees, hug trees”.

Makes a mama proud.

IMG_1409 IMG_1407 IMG_1404

I hope you are enjoying your spring, too!

P.S. I have only 3 or 4 Spring Wellness Kits left – they’ve been going quickly!! If you’d like to share in some herbal goodness this spring, get yours HERE!


5 thoughts on “The most wonderful time of year….(spring!)

  1. LOVE this time of year too. Try to go every few days to see what’s new. Just HAVE to get out in time for skunk cabbage & wood frogs quacking like ducks!!! Saw my first bloodroots this year – a whole hillside full. Your wild bleeding heart find was AMAZING!!! Love that you share with us.

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